Hi! 👋🏻 I'm Neens

I’m a self-proclaimed personal growth junkie and can’t get enough of learning about my big 3 interests - mindset, behaviour change and psychology in general. So much so I am now back an university studying psychology too! 🤓I enjoy figuring out how I can apply what I learn to my own life and especially when helping my clients.

Five years ago I found myself in a really negative headspace - I found myself stuck in a career that wasn't really fulfilling me, was diagnosed with yet another injury and my brain was having the time of its life throwing pity parties.

Knowing that there must be a different way to deal with what was going on inside my head I started to develop an interest in self-development. I started to read, listen and watch anything I could get my hands on and over time developed strategies and tools to help me take charge of my life - finding my new inner level if you will ;)

Fast forward to now I want to help others get out of their head, let go of perfectionism and the shoulds so they can start to live life on their terms.

When I’m not supporting my clients or getting my geek on, you can usually find me in my home gym lifting or heading up the hills behind our house for a hike.